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Tight budget not a problem!

Startups are the companies which are just entering the market. New businesses usually possess a limited pool of resources. That's why they cannot afford making considerable investments in equipment and organizing of a corporate computer network. For the companies like these, an ideal solution is using own devices by the employees in the office.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device policy (also called bring your own PC (BYOPC), bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own phone (BYOP), etc.) enables employees to access company data and software from their personally owned devices, such as smart phones, tablets, or laptops. In such a way, startups can avoid considerable expenditures associated with purchasing work stations for all employees and, on the other hand, create an image of a company open to innovations. Besides, having all tools and data needed for work at hand any time can increase productivity for many workers.

Hosted PBX

Another product, which is noteworthy for startups, is a hosted PBX offered by Systola. The hosted PBX does not require installing a separate telephone network, allows remote usage, and, of course, provides a way to reduce costs of long-distance and international calls. Moreover, the hosted PBX enables companies to utilize conventional telephony features ranging from phone calls, telephonic conferences, call redirection, and call auditing to voice mail and other features. With the hosted PBX, all these features are available to employees through any mobile or non-mobile device and in any location.

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