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Security in the Cloud: Your data is always protected

Security in the Cloud

Unauthorized access to sensitive information can adversely impact company position. The consequences range from weakening a competitive advantage to losing employees' personal data. Ensuring data protection for work stations, laptops, and smartphones minimizes these risks and provides for privacy law compliance.

In the context of cloud technology, Systola employs various security mechanisms. Encryption of client data guarantees its security for access of both third parties and Systola staff. Using encrypted communication channels prevents traffic interception.

Applications and solutions provided by Systola as a part of cloud services and as standalone software identify malicious communication and ensure reliable user authorization and communication.

At a Glance

  • Broad Protection
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Transport-Level Security
  • Industry Standards
  • Item-Level Inspection
  • Black/White Listing
  • One-Time Passwords
  • Smart-Card Authentication

Password and Identity Management

A single sign-on procedure grants access to your data, applications, and network. Vulnerability of this procedure to unauthorized access endangers the whole infrastructure of your company. Systola offers means to mitigate this risk with two-factor authentication implemented in SystoLOCK solution.

SystoLOCK generates one time passwords users can only use once to log in to the system. Even if your password or your employee's password is stolen, your company infrastructure is still protected as the password cannot be used twice.


Your network or computer is protected against trojans, keyloggers, and worms using Kaspersky and ESET solutions designed to meet various business or personal needs. Systola provides consulting and integration services to find the antivirus solution that work for you and seamlessly deploy it in your network.

For users of our cloud solution, antivirus protection is provided within the scope of the cloud services ensuring protection from the latest threats.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Internet is constantly under attack. There is probably not a single node that is not being being threatened by various attackers every minute.

To mitigate these attacks, Systola employs various techniques to detect and prevent them in real time. We also maintain a database of IP addresses and networks where the attacks originate from and block traffic from those sources.

Customers of our cloud-services benefit from this policy automatically and enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted work.


To reduce the amount of spam for users of cloud services, SystoLINK uses DNS blacklists and whitelists as well as lists of IP's related to known spammer operations. By tracking spammer friendly Internet service providers, spam control is further enhanced. Since multiple blacklists are available, spam control is significantly granular allowing classifying the desired level of spam.

By implementing the described techniques we were able to cut spam-volume by almost 99%!

Security at its best

We protect you and your data around the clock!