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Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses: Comprehensive and Reliable

At a Glance

  • Low to None Investments
  • Scalable Deployment
  • High Security
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Constant Backups
  • Professional Support
  • SLA 99,9%

In Detail

Effective Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

While small and medium businesses, as compared to startups, have more resources that can be spent on capital investments, the management also strives to reduce expenditures and achieve greater flexibility and mobility for the business.

With such requirements, a logical decision is cloud computing. The cloud provides employees with necessary resources and gives a global access to these resources without acquiring costly equipment and keeping an immense IT department.

Thin Clients

When a cloud computing technology is used, hardware requirements for equipment of a work station are normally low. As a consequence, general practice is equipping such work stations with thin clients. A thin client usually has minimum hardware configuration and is usually applied to receive and display the output of an operational system and applications executed by a server or in a cloud.


However, another issue is raised by the capability of accessing company data via various devices, including laptops, smart phones, tables, and so forth. This feature of the cloud brings the security matters to the forefront. Considering that user account credentials allow logging into a corporate network whenever and wherever, there is a demand for stronger security measures. Such measures may include, for example, two-factor authentication. This authentication method is based on applying single-use passwords together with a PIN. To implement this method, Systola provides a proprietary solution – SystoLOCK. Upon an attempt to sign-in to the system, a unique password is generated and used to sign in. In this fashion, a high security level is ensured for a corporate computer network.

Hosted PBX

Telephone communications may represent a heavy expenditure item for small and medium businesses. A hosted PBX from Systola provides an opportunity to dramatically reduce these expenditures. While it furnishes all services that conventional enterprise telephones can provide, the hosted PBX is much cheaper both at the initial stage and in the long term.

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