Great ships
need deep waters
Great ships need deep waters

Solutions for Enterprises: Solid, Secure und Centralised

At a Glance

  • Central Management
  • Enhanced Security
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Proven Reliability
  • Compliance
  • Full Control

In Detail

Challenges for Big Companies

Large enterprises commonly maintain offices, representatives, and remote employees in various locations all over the world. Nevertheless, an enterprise should function as a single body despite the distances and differences between local systems. Enterprises can achieve this by implementing a private cloud environment, while maintaining a centralized user experience and security can also be achieved through various solutions.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is an infrastructure providing access to a common pool of computing resources to one and only organization. The organization in this case retains full control over its data and, at the same time, enjoys all advantages of working on the cloud platform.

Identity Management

Equally as pressing problem for large enterprises is an efficient management of all user accounts - Identity Management. Even the most primitive routine operations on the enterprise scale can produce a snowball of increasing impediments hindering useful work of employees. Maximum automation and simplification of the operations related to creating new accounts, resetting and locking of passwords, and providing access rights to users can increase efficiency of the enterprise and reduce downtime resulting from issues with user accounts.

Big difference for big companies