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Private Cloud: IT Outsourcing Done Right

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Cloud computing provides numerous advantages for a modern enterprise, but also needs to overcome certain challenges. Thus, companies may have concerns related to keeping control over their data, promoting security, and complying with legal requirements. However, implementing a private cloud within company's perimeter can aid to avoid most of the challenges.

Anyway, implementing an own virtualized structure requires expertise, so professional advice always pays well.

At a Glance

  • Professional Advice
  • Professional Support
  • Years of Experience
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Resource Centralisation
  • High ROI

You decided to expand or virtualise your infrastructure?

Systola will help you in organizing a private cloud for your enterprise. Depending on your needs, we offer two scenarios of organizing a private cloud:

Consulting Services

Systola experts examine customer’s infrastructure, the site for private cloud implementing as well as objectives for the cloud. Then, the experts recommend appropriate technology and suppliers, and provide support in the deployment of the private cloud infrastructure.

Complete Solution

After thorough examination of the site for a private cloud and customer’s requirements, Systola experts select suitable hardware and software. Assembly, mounting, and tuning are performed by our experts. The customer receives a ready-to-use section of the computer network.

If the customer so desires, the equipment for the private cloud can be installed in a data-center of Systola company. The equipment will be used to serve the customer exclusively.

Careful Choice

Any of the scenarios guarantees a thought-out professional solution made according to industry standards. The solution considers future tasks and needs and provides for scalability, agility, and other business needs of the enterprise.

Your investments in a private cloud are protected by careful selection of its components including hardware and software. Moreover, return on investments in a private cloud is increased due to their conscious utilization.

Whether Hosted or On Premises

We will help you to decide!