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Desktop as a Service - a New Way of Working

Your Desktop at Your Fingertips

SystoLink cloud platform provides a special service - Desktop as a Service (DaaS) - intended for a seamless integration with a corporate IT environment.

Currently any enterprise is interested in flexible, efficient and cost effective IT services, as well as in permanent access to corporate data and personal computers.

At a Glance

  • MS Office
  • MS Exchange
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • CRM and ERP
  • MS SQL
  • Truecrypt and PGP
  • Sharepoint portals
  • Skype, Jabber, etc.

How many more workstations do you want to buy?

Using a classical method for organizing IT processes may lead to substantial costs for acquisition and maintenance of expensive hardware and licensed software. This issue may become crucial especially for smaller enterprises which cannot afford making substantial capital investments into their infrastructure. Therefore, it is more profitable for enterprises to employ a virtual infrastructure for tackling their everyday tasks.

However, when you employ a virtual infrastructure, you may be interested not only in deployment of your servers to a cloud, but also in using a complex solution which would contribute to effective implementation of your business goals with minimum costs. For this purpose, DaaS multi-user cloud solution is provided within SystoLink cloud platform.

DaaS service provides you with a possibility to receive secure access to a comprehensive virtual desktop environment which you may then customize according to your business needs. Using DaaS service within SystoLink cloud platform, you also receive access to a set of software that is legally licensed by its right holders. Furthermore, you are always provided with the latest versions of software that is updated absolutely free of charge.

Using DaaS service within SystoLink cloud platform you can quickly organize work of your office with minimum start-up costs, support a large staff of users moving between work locations, control user data flow, and protect your corporate data from being stored to user devices.

Moreover, you may receive secure access to your virtual desktop environment anywhere where you have access to a local network or Internet. You can access your virtual desktop environment using any user device, from PC to a thin client.

Our Desktop as a Service will change the way you think about cloud computing