Systola Blog Press release: Bye-bye, password! SystoLOCK makes logins even more secure 06 May 20 01:00 GMT With SystoLOCK, passwords are a thing of the past. Thanks to smart features, the revolutionary authentication solution is now even more secure and easier to use. How *not* to implement 2-factor authentication 22 Jul 19 01:00 GMT A very interesting example of the extremely complex implementation of the 2FA procedure for the user: Online Banking by ING DiBa. SystoLOCK: Genesis 30 Nov 18 01:00 GMT The story of the Genesis of SystoLOCK, a new and revolutionary authentication system for Microsoft Windows. The Terrible, Terrible State of VOIP Security, Part III 10 Jul 17 01:00 GMT A 4-year journey to secure VOIP-communication or how much time can you invest in searching for compatibilities The Terrible, Terrible State of VOIP Security, Part II 10 Jul 17 01:00 GMT A 4-year journey to secure VOIP-communication or how much time can you invest in searching for compatibilities The Terrible, Terrible State of VOIP Security 28 Apr 17 01:00 GMT A 4-year journey to secure VOIP-communication or how much time can you invest in searching for compatibilities SystoLOCK - a true alternative for smartcards 22 Feb 17 01:00 GMT Press-release: Systola presents a revolutionary and patented solution for strong multi-factor authentication without passwords and without smart cards in Windows-based environments. The Terrible, Terrible State of VOIP Security, Part I 21 Feb 17 01:00 GMT A 4-year journey to secure VOIP-communication or how much time can you invest in searching for compatibilities VhdTool Is Dead, Long Live VhdxTool! 14 Jan 15 01:00 GMT Systola presents a successor to vhdtool, used earlier to rapidly create and expand virtual hard disk files and discusses security issues connected to its use. Controlling Unmanaged Users in Softerra Adaxes 11 Nov 14 01:00 GMT At times our customers want some of their Active Directory user accounts to be ignored by Adaxes service so that customers would not have to license these accounts. Most often those accounts do not represent real people or computer objects, but rather are for service accounts that run background processes or various unattended tasks. Cost optimization with clouds [DE] 26 Aug 14 01:00 GMT Each start-up is precisely a start-up, because it starts from scratch. At the beginning there is an idea around which in the future a new business is to be established. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to attract significant investments at an early stage of development. IT Costs for Brunch Offices under control [DE] 30 Jul 14 01:00 GMT Cloud services are not just a headache remedy for the managers of companies with multiple locations. Cloud services also allow considerable cost savings. Year 2013 Results and Future Plans 03 Mar 14 01:00 GMT Press Release: Systola, an international IT company that specializes in comprehensive IT outsourcing, cloud technologies and IT security, talks about results of year 2013. Systola and TONK sign a Collaboration Agreement 23 Dec 13 01:00 GMT Press Release: Systola and TONK singned an agreement to install a modified by Systola OS Windows Embedded on 1500 series thin clients. Myths about the Cloud 13 Dec 13 01:00 GMT Dispelling the myths about cloud services! What questions about the Cloud do you have? Person of the year according to Systola 12 Dec 13 01:00 GMT As in previous years, this December the Time magazine has chosen the "Person of the Year". This time, it is Pope Francis. The Guardian chooses Edward Snowden as the person of the year and we also decided to conduct our own vote on this honorary title. How much hackers' attacks cost and how to defend yourself against them 02 Dec 13 01:00 GMT You asked - we answered. This time round the questions come from Delovaya Stolitsa in their Decenber-issue. Creating Short-Lived X509-Certificates 13 Nov 13 01:00 GMT If you ever worked with Microsoft Certificate Authority and certificate templates in particular, you may know that the minimal certificate validity time you can set with standard management tools is one hour. But what if for some reason you need less than that? Analysis of TrueCrypt Binaries 29 Oct 13 01:00 GMT TrueCrypt is the most popular open source multi-platform encryption software with very wide acceptance and a host of features for many thinkable and unthinkable scenarios. The trouble is, though, it was never thoroughly audited and, hence, it is unknown whether the software incorporates any backdoors or cryptographic flaws. Softerra Releases Adaxes 2013.2 24 Oct 13 01:00 GMT For Adaxes 2013.2, Softerra focuses on making Active Directory automation even more efficient and flexible, enhancing the logging and notification features, improving Password Self-Service, preventing brute force attacks on Web Interface, and much, much more. The case of an unresolvable error in DPM 2012 SP1 UR3 19 Sep 13 01:00 GMT The DPM error from a previous UR is back: "When you use Data Protection Manager 2012 Service Pack 1 for tape backup, you receive the following error message: The operation failed because of a protection agent failure. (ID 998 Details: The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057))" Controlling SCUP-published updates with WSUS 10 Sep 13 01:00 GMT If you are a Systems Center user, you would probably know that you are entitled to use SCUP (System Center Update Publisher) to incorporate third-party updates into your patch-cycle. If you just want to use SCUP with WSUS, then you have a problem: updates, injected with SCUP do not show up in WSUS console, since they are considered "local". Here is a workaround. Softerra Adaxes Review 05 Sep 13 01:00 GMT Softerra Adaxes is a solution for Active Directory (AD) management, administration and monitoring that enables administrators to automate, streamline and secure AD provisioning. Although its main focus is AD, it also includes great capabilities for managing and automating Exchange tasks. via Kotka: Logistics meets IT 29 Aug 13 01:00 GMT We are invited to give a talk on the theme of IT-Security for logistics-companies during an annual logistics conference. The conference will take place from September 26th to 27th in Kotka, Finnland. New Web-Site is online! 26 Aug 13 01:00 GMT After a long overhaul of our web-site we are now open with new design, new content and new ideas. Internet Professionell tests SystoLAN for its functionality! 06 Oct 05 01:00 GMT This is an archived article from the old web-site.